Mẫu đề thi công chức tiếng Anh (chính thức) trên máy tính- ngạch Cán Sự

Description: Mẫu đề thi công chức tiếng Anh trên máy tính- ngạch Cán Sự. Thể thức thi 30 phút. Hình thức thi trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh chủ yếu là điền từ vào chỗ trống. Mẫu đề thi cho trang thi công chức sở nội vụ tỉnh Quảng Ngãi chia sẻ

Mẫu đề thi công chức tiếng Anh trên máy tính- ngạch Cán Sự. Thể thức thi 30 phút. Hình thức thi trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh chủ yếu là điền từ vào chỗ trống. Mẫu đề thi cho trang thi công chức sở nội vụ tỉnh Quảng Ngãi chia sẻ




(Dùng để thí sinh tham khảo)

Part 1. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence.

1. They often go to school___ bicycle.
a. by
b. in
c. on

2. What color__ his new car?
a. is
b. have
c. does

3. You should do your___before going to class.
a. homework
b. home work
c. home works

4. Mr. Pike__us English.
a. teaches
b. teach
c. teaching

5. How many pictures are there__ the wall?
a. on
b. in
c. into

6. Can you help me___ the window?
a. clean
b. cleaning
c. cleans

7. How ___ cakes does she want?
a. many
b. some
c. any

8. They don’t want ___ fish.
a. to eat
b. eat
c. ate

9. My brother is 6.68m ____.
a. tall
b. short
c. taller

10.  My mother is 32 years old and my father is 43 years old. My mother is younger___ my father.
a. than
b. as
c. but
Part 2. Read the text below and choose the best answer

Dorothea Shaw is 71 years old and nearly blind, and when she chose to live alone far away from people, she went about as far as it is possible to go to escape humanity. She lives in Belize - a country the size of Wales with a population only that of Swansea. Her home is at Gales Point, a tiny village which can be reached only by sea or air; after a ten-mile walk into the hills one finally reaches a plot of land and two small huts so hidden in the thick over-grown forest that only a handful of people know Dorothea is there.

She lives happily and totally alone - growing her vegetables, looking after her trees and dogs, cats and chickens. Once a month or so an old friend passes by with her food supplies and mail - usually including a letter from her sister in Scunthorpe and some bits of clothing from friends in Canada. Sometimes a local man will come and chop wood for her and the occasional group of British soldiers will come across her and be greeted with the offer of a cup of coffee.

At night she lies in her tiny sleeping hut with the dogs on the floor, the cats on the table near the typewriter and one of the hens settled down in the corner of the packet bookshelf, and listens for hours to any Spanish, English, German or French broadcasts she can find on her radio. Sometimes she gets lonely but most of the time the animals and the radio are company enough.

But recently the very things which she had escaped from and hidden from so well have begun to catch up with her. The peace of the forest has been destroyed by the roar of earth-moving machines not many miles away. Humanity and the 20 th
century, once only heard of distantly on the radio, are now on her doorstep. Things began to change three years ago. The new main north-south highway in Belize was cut through the forest only four or five miles away. "Now more and more people know I'm here," she says, "I feel more threatened each day".

1. Dorothea's huts....
      A. have always been her home
      B. are entirely surrounded by trees
      C. were built for just a few people

2. Dorothea lives in the forest because....
      A. she is too old to move
      B. machines destroyed her home
      C. she doesn't like living near people

3. To keep her company, Dorothea has....
      A. her sister
      B. some animals
      C. friends from Canada

4. Dorothea spends a lot of time....
      A. talking with her neighbours
      B. listening to the radio
      C. studying languages

5. In the last three years, Dorothea has been disturbed by....
      A. the making of a new road
      B. what she has heard on the radio
      C. people visiting her home
Part 3. Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

Deep Sleep
                Deep sleep is important for everyone . The actual (16) …………….of sleep you need depends (17)………….. your age. A young child (18)………………to sleep ten to twelve hours, and a teenager about nine hours. Adults differ a lot in their sleeping (19)…….………… For most of them, seven to eight hours a night is (20)………………. , but some sleep longer, while others manage with only four hours.
               For a good night, having a comfortable (21)…………….. to sleep is very important. Also, there should be (22)………………of fresh air in the room, A warm drink sometimes helps people to sleep, (23) ………………it is not a good idea to drink coffee immediately before going to bed.
               (24) ……………..you have to travel a very long distance, try to go to bed earlier than usual the day before the (25) ……………………This will help you to feel more rested when you arrive.

16.     A. size                    B. number               C. amount              
17.     A. on                      B. to                       C. in                      
18.     A. could                  B. ought                  C. must                  
19.     A. ways                  B. habits                 C. manners            
20.     A. few                     B. well                    C. enough
21.     A. point                   B. place                  C. position             
22.     A. plenty                 B. much                  C. many                 
23.     A. because             B. as                       C. although            
24.     A. Since                  B. Until                   C. If
25.     A. journey               B. voyage               C. call                    

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